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Telin Systems introduces CallBack, the innovative phone system that allows your office to communicate with your patients, improving customer service. CallBack resolves time consuming communication issues associated with appointment reminders, patient inquiry, and practice marketing.

What can this system do for you?

  • Decrease no-show
  • Decrease amounts owed
  • Decrease staff workload
  • Increase office productivity
  • Increase patient satisfaction

No matter how many patients your clinic sees in a day, it is never practical to communicate with all of them one at a time. We developed CallBack specifically to make this level of communication practical. CallBack allows your clinic to easily import the appointments you wish to communicate with. Within minutes the system calls all of your patients and provides you with a detailed report on the status of each call.

What type of status reports will you recieve?
  • Talked to an individual and/or they confirmed the appointment
  • Answering Machine/left message
  • Did not pick up, Busy or invalid/disconnected number
  • Custom prompts for surveys

Utilizing technology emerging in our market place, Telin leads the Health Care industry by allowing our clients to always stay one step ahead of the competition in regards to decreasing workload while increasing clinic profitability. Now your clinic can simply; recall patients due for their next office visit; follow-up on missed appointments; deliver birthday greetings; notify patients of overdue payments and much more without the need of staff members time..

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